The system

The 144 modular system

Furniture system in grid construction

S100 | S200 is designed as a modular system and easy to plan. The carcass heights, widths, and the range of planning packages available for the interior layout are all designed on a 14.4 cm grid.

The system heights

The five different frame heights of the S100 system series ensure you get the right piece of furniture for every application. You can select among the following heights: 32, 46, 61, 75, 90 cm.

The system depths

The S100 and S200 basic carcass is available in various depths.

as a room divider

s100 depth 51,6 cm

s200 depth 53,4 cm

standing against a wall

s100 depth 51,6 cm

s200 depth 52,5 cm

standing against a wall

s100 depth 43 cm

s200 depth 43,9 cm

Special depth wall units

s100 depth 32 cm

s200 depth 32,9 cm

The frames

The furniture system pieces from the S100 range are available with a wall fixture, a matching base or stainless steel frame in four different heights in polished, high-gloss or coloured powder-coating.

Wall fixture (-00)

Pedestal 5 cm (-05)

Frame 14 cm (-14)

Frame 29 cm (-29)

Frame 40 cm (-40)

Frame 69 cm (-69)

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